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September ’17 Fashion Calendar

Similar to July, my birthday month in case you forgot, September holds a significance for me. It marks the end of summer, my favorite season. It, of course, is fashion month. And, most importantly, it is when I celebrate my wedding anniversary.

I had a lot of fun working on this month’s calendar. And, most importantly, I am excited to announce I’ve finally set up a (meager) web shop.

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Get Your Own Fashion Calendar

Eventually, I’ll add prints and other stationery. For now, you can purchase my calendar or subscribe for twelve months of fashion fun. It’s 11×17″ and printed on lovely Strathmore paper. The front has the calendar and the back has some silly nonsense written by me. Plus, there are more fashion sketches.

I hope you like it.

But, of course, you can still download my digital versions for free.


Nykhor Paul

2017 September Calendar

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Feminist AF

Street Style Sketch: 28th & 5th

I love a sundress! When it comes to outfitting, I’m totally overwhelmed. Most of the time I feel like an awkward sixth grader.

Living in New York and being around an overwhelming amount of good looking and well-dressed people is super helpful. I’m always snapping photos of people’s outfits to draw later (like a complete creeper.)

A cute puppy, the ultimate summer accessory. Pair with a sundress for best results.

This ensemble is a great example of a lesson to be learned. The sundress. Easy, effortless, cute, and airy. Perfect for summer. Do it. And, if you’re brave – do it in solid white.

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I totally photographed this days after I finished. Hehe.

Street Style Sketch: Greene and Broome

It’s another street style sketch! I saw this trendy cutie in Soho and had to take a creeper photo to draw later.

I’m kind of torn when it comes wearing designer’s names. Especially after reading “I’ll Drink to That,” by Betty Halbreich I’m more aware of how seeing a brand name influences my desire to buy. (Ashamedly, it has made a difference.)

Soho street style sketch

I think there is a bit of glamor and romance associated with wearing luxury designer labels. Like, if you wear Givenchy, you’re basically Audrey Hepburn, right? Or, how in Tokyo, for example, there’s a certain amount of distinction connected to carrying expensive designer bags. In a way, if your income exceeds a certain amount, you’re almost expected to carry the bag. (Or, maybe, it’s the other way around.)

But personally, I don’t want to care about those things! I want to dress and be authentic. Style should be a reflection of self, not earnings, right?

Anyway, hats off to this girl who went balls to the walls with (looks like Dior, right?) a cross-body Vuitton bag and (I think) Stella McCartney platforms. I mean, maybe this is her genuine self. And, if it is, you go girl. Own it.

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